Pixel museum is supported by partners who have allowed the video game center to see the light of day.
Thanks to them for the support and commitment to our side.

Ludus Académie

Ludus Academie is a private higher education college training in the development of video games and serious gaming located in Strasbourg and since 2013 in Brussels.
This is the first school devoted to serious gaming.

It was Ludus Academie and its director who carried the project of Pixel Museum from the beginning.

Ville de Schiltigheim

Schiltigheim is a town in the Bas-Rhin region of Alsace in north-eastern France.

Its inhabitants are called the Schilikois: Schilick is a familiar appellation, in the Strasbourg area, to designate Schiltigheim, whether it is among Francophones or among dialectophones.

Schiltigheim is the third largest municipality in the department by its number of inhabitants.

We thank the city of Schiltigheim for its support of the Pixel Museum project.


ARTE is a European cultural channel aimed at all curious viewers and open to the world, everywhere in Europe and in particular in France and Germany.

We thank Arte for his support of the Pixel Museum.

Pearl Diffusion

Since 1992, Pearl Diffusion has sold computer, multimedia, office and leisure products and accessories at the lowest prices.
You will find all their products on the website as in its catalog.

We thank Pearl Diffusion for their support of the Pixel Museum project.


Orange is one of the leading telecommunications operators in the world with more than 150,000 employees worldwide, including 95,000 in France. Present in 29 countries, the Group serves more than 250 million customers worldwide on mobile and fixed broadband. Orange is also one of the world leaders in telecommunications services for multinational companies under the Orange Business Services brand.

We thank Orange for its support of the Pixel Museum project.


Beneficial and flexible as part of business continuity, virtualization also prefigures a controlled migration to the cloud.

Pioneers in their field, Athéo Engineering experts have deployed their first storage environments and virtualized servers in production more than 10 years ago.

Today, virtualization and Athe Engineering skills also include posts, applications, I / O channel ...

We thank Athéo for his support of the Pixel Museum project.

Omnium Extincteurs

The company Omnium Extincteurs, located in Colmar, was created in 1948 to develop the company's activity around the theme of "fire fighting".

Omnium Extincteurs markets fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment in Alsace (68/67) and in the territory of Belfort (90).

We thank Omnium Extincteurs for their support of the Pixel Museum project.

Fondation Aquatique Show

Founded in 2009 by Dominique Formhals, President and CEO of Aquatique Show International, the Aquatique Show Foundation is an organization of general interest whose purpose is to support individual or collective projects in various fields such as culture, sport , Health and the economy, since these actions help to radiate the Alsatian know-how.

We thank the Aquatic Show Foundation for its support of the Pixel Museum project.


The Eurométropole de Strasbourg now has 33 municipalities. It is the evolution of the Urban Community created in 1967 and allows to pursue common interests while preserving the independence of the municipalities.

We thank the Eurométropole of Strasbourg for its support of the Pixel Factory project.