Bienvenue au Pixel Museum / Welcome to the Pixel Museum / Willkommen im Pixel Museum

Twapéro / #Twapero_SXB

The Twapéro is Back, welcome!

For this first date of the season #Twapero_SXB, we put our suitcases in Schiltigheim, the Pixel Museum, the first video game museum in France.

On the program of this evening, from 18:30:
– Private visit of the museum and animations around the new temporary exhibition Star Wars! Hashtag Wow.
– Tasting of craft beers, divinely good Alsace wines (teasing), and equally local soft drinks, just as good,
– As always, what to nibble between two tweets,
– Surprises, goodies, …

The evening will be at the exceptional rate of 7 € (instead of 9 € the entry only usually); only in pre-sale until 01/11, to allow me then to prepare your pretty badges.

And as the back, it is always synonymous with new faces, meetings, all this … for this edition, I propose to “invite” one or other twittos who has never come to a Twapéro. The opportunity to re-see IRL (In Real Life) twittos, this twittas with whom you tweet so often. In short, if I want to invite @CedricArno who has never come (we can not be everywhere!) And well I send him a little tweet like “With me, at @Twapero_SXB you will come ?! #Twapero_SXB “I check that there is the hashtag regulation, I add an emoji or two because I like it, a Gif because otherwise it’s not funny, and voila! (Cedric, you can check your notives now …)
Oh, and if all your friends have already been to a Twapéro (that’s good!) You can still invite them. Is it clear what I’m saying? Yes, no, it does not look, I hesitate to talk to you about the dress code of the coup … We’ll see it later … * tick * … Now, I feel it’s the right time : you will have to choose with your “binomial” which of you will wear a black top. Or white. Or black and white. Do you always follow me ? If it sounds complicated, remember that in April, it was “correct marinière required” on Batorama;)

With that, I remind you that as usual, if you have questions, you know where to find me >>> @SxbGG, and I’ll tell you soon, on the Twittosphere or Schillik ‘!

Photography: Mononoeil

  • 7 November 2017
  • 18 h 30 min
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