The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays.


A unique place

The Pixel Museum is a third place around which the different needs of the video game are articulated:

  • The preservation of heritage,
  • The evangelization of the media,
  • Support for creation.



Discovering is good but testing is better! Many consoles with rotating games will allow you to understand the evolution of the technology but also why some gameplay remain eternal.


Nostalgic or born too late to know the incredible atmosphere of the European arcades of the 80s, the Pixel Museum offers you a catch-up session. Back on a major milestone in the history of video games.

Gaming Zone

Two dedicated rooms, adapted according to the age of our visitors, allow to test the latest novelties of the contemporary consoles.
Have your controllers ready, play!

Computer room

The computer room allows the presentation of network games, independent productions, student projects.



Meetings, conferences, afterworks, the Pixel Museum is the ideal place to meet professionals, enthusiasts, artists or players.


Digital technology is changing the professions of tomorrow.
As early as 10 years, workshops help to familiarize with the creation of games and the logic of programming.


The Pixel Museum hosts a coworking space for the story of the video game to inspire tomorrow's digital creations.
The Pixel Factory allows young talents to get started and enjoy the skills of other coworkers.

and more

Birthdays, bachelor party for boys and girls, team building, privatization, do not hesitate to contact us to realize a unique event, unforgettable in connection with your passion.



We are lucky to have Oskar Guilbert as godfather of the Pixel Museum.

The CEO of DONTNOD supports Schiltigheim's videoludic space and we thank him again for his kindness.